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creditor called me at work

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Topic: creditor called me at work
Posted By: dontpushme
Subject: creditor called me at work
Date Posted: 01/May/2009 at 8:08pm
I received a call today at work from a collector- the call was transferred through an internal line so someone in my building must have forwarded the collector to me- I wonder what was said to get to me...

The collector, said her name was Miss Sheridan, told me I have 10,000$ in provincial student loan debt and I'm to pay her collection agency the amount in full within 2 weekes or else they will take me to court and have a judgment placed against me garnishing my wages.

I explained that I thought I had been paying off my loan debts- she advised me I may be paying Canada Loans, but not Ontario loans, which now were in her agencys hands to get from me. I asked for some way to make payments but she repeatedly said I either pay in full or basically get sued/garnished.

I explained to her that I did not have the money and asked what they do to help people because I figured most can't pay in full. Miss Sheridan corrected me and said most everyone comes up with it- they just didn't try hard enough to get it from somewhere. She kept on telling me to ask family or friends for the money, or get a family member to co-sign a loan. I kept on explaining I didn't have anyone who would/ could give me this money. Miss Sheridan wanted me to ask my mom or dad to refinance their mortgages for the money for me. I told her that was no option over and over again but she said to talk to family over the weekend and see if they could come up with the money.

I repeatedly explained I wanted to pay this but I couldn't pay all at once, and asked her what payment plans she had- she said I hadn't even tried asking for the money so she wasn't about to help with any plans- Sheridan did suggest that if I get 5-6 thousand together she might be able to ask for a plan for the rest.

Can Miss Sheridan call me at work? Is she allowed to ask me to get the money from friends/ family? Are they allowed to refuse an offer for a payment plan? How can I keep these calls from coming to me at work? Was I naive to give her my address so she could send a letter telling me how much I owe/ how/ when to pay? Will I really be sued? Who do I report this to/ complain to? I understand her tactics of fear, her method of rushing me, cornering me into paying- but there is no way I can come up with 10grand like that- even if I knew someone who would give me the money I would never do that- it makes no sense to go into debt with someone else just to get out of debt here?? Does she get paid based on how much I pay?

Please help me. I am searching all over this site and everwhere else I can to educate myself; any direct answers I can get would really make me feel better. My stomach has felt like a sinking pit since her call, I feel sick over this...

Posted By: Syne
Date Posted: 03/May/2009 at 11:27pm
I'm no expert here, but I can tell you that Miss. Sheridan was lying or misleading you on a couple things. First of all, most people don't make arrangements to pay the money in full. Obviously if they could do that, the debt wouldn't exist in the first place.

Second, she is not a financial advisor and shouldn't be acting in that capacity. Her suggestions crossed the line because she has no idea what she's talking about in regards to your personal finances or family situation.

Finally, I believe that she has to accept payment. However, before you do that check the statute of limitations and make sure you're not acknowledging the debt if you don't have to. Johnny should be able to assist you from here.

Posted By: frustrated-guy
Date Posted: 04/May/2009 at 7:57am
What province are you in?

Posted By: ozcan99
Date Posted: 04/May/2009 at 11:55am
Sorry, I don't have the answers for you, but wanted you to know that I am dealing with the same Miss Sheridan.  She is not nice, she is rude.  I had an all out argument with her the first time I spoke with her.  She has threatened to garnish my wages and put a lien on my home etc etc.  After arguing with her and others at this agency, I have stopped answering the phone.  Last week, she called daily leaving messages saying it was coming on the end of the month and that I was to come up with the money and since I hadn't and I'm not returning phone calls, she is going to advise the 'client' to pursue it further ie. garnishment/lien etc.
Today, I got another call (7:30AM) from her saying that she has recommended further action and that she is sending me a letter to which I am to reply on how to proceed within 24hours of receiving it.
The only difference between yours and mine, possibly, is that I was told that mine is a 'crown debt' meaning it is owed to the government and isn't the Ontario portion of the loan.  I was told I couldn't make montly payments because it is a 'crown debt'.
I know the sinking feeling, I had it a month ago.  I've poured over this website and another one and I've googled/researched other sites for further information.  
Good luck! 

Posted By: dontpushme
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 6:22pm
What statute? I've been out of school since the 2004-2005 semester.

What do you mean about not having to acknowledge the debt?

Posted By: dontpushme
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 6:23pm
Do you mean John LeBlanc, CFW?

Posted By: dontpushme
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 6:52pm
I have been speaking to a collection agency, CBV, because they are trying to get me to pay my $10,000 Ontario Student Loan in full- I've told them over and over there is no way I can do this.

After trying to talk to Miss Sheridan- I was passed off to her boss beacuse I was asking the kinds of educated questions that showed her I had some idea what I was talking about.

They want me to get a consolidated loan for my Ontario Student Loan and Canada Student Loan. My credit is awful and I know I won't be approved anyway- ARE THEY ALLOWED TO "COUNSEL" "SUGGEST OPTIONS" LIKE THIS?

I thought they couldn't make me or tell me to borrow money just to pay them... and why would any bank give me a loan of any kind? I can't even get a 100$ overdraft on my chequing account! I'm supposed to waste time and dent my credit score even more (I know it's not a big ding for applying...) by asking for new debt to pay old? Yeah, my bank is really going to give me a personal loan to pay of student loans- I spoke to a debt counsellor and was told no bank would do that because I could declare bankruptcy on the new loan.

I have been asking for a payment plan but they are not willing to offer one... I'm told they might but only after I apply for a loan, then fill out forms explaining my bills/expenses, after which I might still be denied a payment plan. If I even get a payment plan I'll have to reapply every six months and they can take me to court for a judgement at any time anyway. What? Why all the court/ sue/ garnish threats? Is that a likely option for them?

I thought they had to help me with a plan?! And how does garnishing work- they said it's 20-40% of your income, or if you work comission then it's your whole paycheque. Is that true? Is that your regular cheque or commision cheuqe?

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 11/May/2009 at 6:45am
They can suggest that you attempt to refinance, yes. However, they cannot force you to. If you want help with this, call me privately. You will have to become a client though.

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