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Topic: It's NEVER GONE
Posted By: Alice Hattie
Subject: It's NEVER GONE
Date Posted: 25/May/2017 at 2:37am

In 2016 I applied for OSAP only to be told that I had an outstanding debt from the late 90's which I know was settled. I was told that if I could obtain clearance from the NSLA or CRA then OSAP would allow me to apply, this in itself is simply a falsehood as I came to realize (and OSAP is fully aware of this)  that neither the NCLA (who only has records from 2000 onwards) nor the CRA and not even the bank (which at the time OSAP program ran through) would provide a clearance letter for a debt that they themselves do not show exists.  My credit shows no outstanding. The bank, The CRA all of them show nothing except OSAP. Who will not take the hold off this "debt" which they have been accruing interest on for 10 plus years until I pay off the interest and make two payments. At which time they will allow me to apply but I have to complete all payments before August in order to be considered for the fall term. 

They claim the debt has been dormant yet accumulating interest since my last payment in 2001/2002

They can not prove the debt had not been paid. The only ppwk they could show me was a statement and a letter sent on my behalf from my mother in 2002.   The reason why this occurred in the first place was when at school I was stricken with Bells Palsy and had to leave due to medical circumstances. My mother was signed permission to handle the ongoing issue because I was too unwell to manage. Western was not willing to return a portion of my tuition because I had passed the deadline, but because I provided documentation that it was a health related with no certainty of recovery they had no choice but to return some of the tuition and open my standings to a medical leave and free to return.  OSAP shows no record of Western returning the portion of tuition and won't investigate "because it's been so long I doubt they will have the records still"  - Yet I'm suppose have mine. 

I was informed that the loan went from the Bank to a collection agency that worked for the bank, back to the bank, back to the CRA then over to a collection department tied with the CRA, and none of those departments forwarded any paperwork along with the file, which find astonishing. 

After three hours on the phone two Friday's ago the gentleman that I was speaking with finally conceded that the timeline and the payments and the lack of ppwk did not add up, and while he felt "really bad" for me he was not going to allow me to apply to OSAP and insisted that this debt be repaid. 

I've paid my taxes, I've had good credit, never in all this time has anyone approached me about this debt, he claims it's because it was dormant/ Bottom line is I can not pay this money, and I've used all my savings to go to school and pay for rent that if I don't get some help I won't be able to finish next year. 
This can't be right. OSAP is not infallible and should not be allowed to have these pop up loans be view as valid simply because they say so admitting that if anyone investigates there would be nothing to show if they were or were not paid. No other department, system or office shows this debt, only OSAP.

I just want to be a community worker. I just want to help others and make our communities, and our social systems empower those that need it so they can be supported and move towards their goals in life, and to think that I may not get the chance to do that because of my own government's refusal to provide financial assistance that could elevate me out of low income status and make me an asset instead of a burden is soo disheartening and much like a lot of the issues with our social systems disempowering devaluating. 

These "loans" don't disappear even when you pay them! The interest is more than what they claim is outstanding.. and they can't produce ANY ppwk other than a stupid letter. I've requested ALL  my files from 1990-2017 from  all the gov offices that were involved, but I don't think it's going to help me out much. It's such BS. 
They are unbelievable. 


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